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Deck Shooter - Playing Card Case

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Deck Shooter - Playing Card Case

Deck Shooter - Playing Card Case

Available in black or brown

Deck Shooter is inspired from the detachable magazines (in firearms). Users can eject a deck of cards out of the leather case with a neat dashing move. In addition, its fine look functions as a deck protector. What's more, our Deck Shooter can contain almost every deck size, no matter where the decks are made from -- Taiwan, Europe or America. 

Deck Shooter is made with quality PU leather. 

Not easy to crease, 100% handmade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael D.
Nice effect for magician

I am so glad I grabbed one of these while they were in stock! I think this is a great case for a magician since the deck “shoots” out in a magical manner. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a way to connect it to a belt or something similar.

Better than I was expecting

This product turned out better than what I was expecting. The whole "deck shooting" concept is a bit of a novelty idea, and I got this more for its use as a card case. The magnetic clip adds a beautiful finishing touch, and the case does a good job of protecting the cards. Due to the design, it does make it much easier to get a tuck box out of the case. It's been just the right size for the decks I've tried it with.

Great Idea -- Almost Perfect

The deck shooter does exactly what the video describes. You can easily place your card deck in the protector and press it out with a flick of a finger, great for accessibility! My only negatives are the case is a little big on a standard deck, which is great for fitting larger thickness decks on the other hand.

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