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Deck Of Cards Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.99 USD
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Deck Of Cards Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.99 USD

Deck Of Cards Playing Cards

A unique deck of cards in a unique box produced by ellusionist and printed by Cartamundi.
Customer reviews:
I've received my cards, both decks. I don't know what I expected. I guess I wanted something more, thinking there was a surprise in the cards. It's simple and that's it. What you see here is what you get, your "extra" cards are two blank cards with nothing at all on the face, a card with a red face matching the black back, and a card with the mantra of the deck on it. The case doesn't necessarily ruin itself when you open it, you can still open and close the deck with the card in it without much problem. It handles pretty standard they're quality cards. If this design speaks to you then get them but if you're getting them expecting a surprise you'll be disappointed.
The design is amazing. I was always wondering why no one has created something like this yet. The potential for card magic and mentalism is crazy plus it looks dope as hell :) Love the idea, ordered 3 for now to try the stock and then will update the review :)
-Dmitry K
I feel like this deck will inspire so many designers. I feel like this is a great deck for people who want to design cards.
2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Feel Boring Design

When I first bought this deck, I really liked the simple design of the faces and backs. I thought the minimalist look was pretty eye-catching. Seeing them in person doesn't really give the same emotion I had when I saw them online. They're just kind of boring. I do like the tuck case.

Terry Quan Chi Dung

Ellu loves to hype their deck over nothing, probably the most controversial deck ever released. But oh well, no thanks.
handleing is ok though

I’ll never open them.

This is a one of a kind deck, and that alone is reason to buy one, or two. I’m a collector, so this is definitely my kind of deck. Once opened, never to be closed. And with a limited run of 2500-that’s just overkill. Because of their over-simplicity the anticipation to open them is overwhelming , but that’s just even more reason to love them and never destroy the truly unique tuck case. Futhermore, I got them on clearance, so I’m more than satisfied. Thank you PCD!

Daniel Turgelis

I got these in a blind bag special from PCD, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. Very minimal to the point of boring and over priced for what they are. I only gave two stars for how they handle.

Jon m
Exactly what i wanted

Ok ok, before you trash this deck for its overtly minimalist design, keep in mind thats the entire point, with that, i was on the fence about buying one, but got one with a mystery halfbrick sale, and whats not mentioned is its amazing true black back, comes with 2 blank cards and a double backer with a wine red side, and above all else they handle and feel very similar to the stock used with the copag 310’s, altho a little thicker a deck overall, sooooooo soft and comfortable right out of the box!

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