Deal with the Devil Golden Contract Playing Cards TWPCC

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Deal with the Devil Golden Contract Playing Cards

Deal with the Devil - UV Playing Cards is the debut project by Darkside Playing Cards Co. With previous work such as the popular 666 Decks, the artist @pnkmgc has been conveying demonic artworks and cultures through the canvas of playing cards.

  • Holographic gold hot foil stamp with precision embossing on the pure black premium 300gsm matte finish tuck case.
  • Inner tuck case with sophisticated holographic gold hot foil stamp artwork.
  • Printed in GOLD & RED COLD Foil on the back of the cards
  • Applied with YELLOW UV Ink
  • Limited to 1800 decks each with custom foiled number seal.
  • Cards Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their luxury paper stock.
  • The court cards are all demons/devils, hidden within the UV Ink.
  • The Joker's true identity can be revealed by the UV light
  • Every card in the deck has been dealt by the devil.
2022 Release

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