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Daily Life Standard Edition Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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Daily Life Standard Edition Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

Daily Life Standard Edition Playing Cards

"Colors are the string of time that string together our day-to-day life. From deep blue sadness that envelops our wounded heart, to vibrant red that lifts our lips to a heart-warming smile. 

So hold within your hands the deck of Daily Life Playing Cards, which therewith lingers your warmth, and dance with a splash of colors with your cardistry. 

This is my Daily Life. 

Which may fraught with hardship and distress. But there are also moments that abound with glittering joy. 

Beneath the prideful heart that is the King's, lies a humble adoration for his beloved Queen, and a modest pursuit for their collection of swords. 

And beyond the nurturing elegance of the Queen, dwells a ravenous hunger to possess everything beautiful. 

The Jack too, albeit looking ordinary and loyal as a servant, shoulders upon himself a lifelong dream as a celebrated poet, for which he composes every day. 

What about your Daily Life?" 

- Austin Ho 

Features of the Daily Life Playing Cards:

  • Printed in classic stock by United States Playing Cards Company.
  • The designs are fully customized for every card.
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
chris kinkead

the jacks are all pens and the kings are all swords. great storytelling. the ace of hearts is great and the gaff cards are out of this world.

Unique Art Style

If you like art, this is definitely a deck to check out. Even taking a look at the tuck case reveals the uniqueness of the art style in how they are mimicking a hand around to the box in a fingerprint art style. Each card is custom and nothing about this deck is standard. I love the Ace's and Court Cards. This deck comes with 3 jokers (unlabeled) with one being a card reveal as well as a blank facer. This deck is perfect for magic and collectors.

Superb Art Deck

Tuck Case - 3/5
The art of a hand holding the tuck case is very nice. Otherwise, very minimalistic tuck, with plain glossy finish.

Card Design - 5/5
This deck is all about the art and it excels here. Extremely nice to look at, interesting drawings and cohesive theme throughout the deck. This deck is near the top of the list if you want an art deck. Every card is custom.

Handling - 4/5
Shuffles easily. They feel like premium playing cards. I am not a cardis, but these seem like they would perform very well.

Game Play - 1/5
Probably not the best deck for game play or magic. The pips are very custom and can be hard to decipher at a glance. The spade and hearts are very similar. Not a huge difference in color between the traditional black and red suits. Also, since the predominant color on both the front and back is white, it can be hard at a glance to tell if a card is face up or down.

Overall - 4/5
If you are buying this as an art deck, you will not be dissapointed. Just don't whip them out at poker night and expect it to go well.

Terry Quan Chi Dung
Great Art Work

I really appreciate the art work on this deck, can tell the creator put in alot of effort for it. the back is interesting , great quality


These cards handle great and look great. I really like the tuck box and how the art wraps around the tuck box. The back design is unique and I really like how the court cards are objects. This deck is really great to look and appreciate the art work. I would recommend this deck to anyone.

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