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Crystal Playing Card Display Case

$14.49 USD
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Crystal Playing Card Display Case

$14.49 USD

This beautiful transparent case enables your deck of cards to be fully displayed, while also protecting your cards in all directions. Your cards can be displayed with or without their cardboard case. 
And - if you are a card collector, this is a beautiful and elegant way to display your collection. 
We have chosen the top acrylic material. This not only adds beauty and protection, but it also feels nice in your hand. 
In order to maximize the display of the deck, the transparency of the material plays an important role here. Of course, the top portion expertly meets this criteria. 
Most of the cards produced by USPCC can be placed into this case. Regardless of the long side and wide side gap, we control our measurements within 1-2mm, so that every card can fit perfectly. 
The details put into the corners can be felt by hand, although they cannot be seen. Our products are very strictly produced so that all edges are precise, and each edge is not stiff. In fact, while holding the case, you will find it to have a gentle, yet strong, feeling. 
For removal of the case, it uses a magnet-type disassembly, making it more convenient and simple to use.
Playing cards and other items not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not quite as good as CCC

These are made by TCC, and they are great *IF* you have a deck that fits. If you're deck is USPCC and slim stock, then you'll like this case. However- if the deck you want to display came from any other printer (cartamundi, epcc, mpc, etc -I haven't checked HCPC yet) then they probably wont fit. They're either so snug that you'll never get the deck back out OR they simply dont fit at all. The most common problem being that the case isn't thick enough, so the back doesn't close. The magnets are definitely weaker than the X1 for CCC. I make deck cuts, and a lot of time will like to use the CCC ds1 sleeve before putting the deck into the acrylic case, I also do this for my rarer/older decks and signed decks if the signature is on the cello- and with this case you can forget that. The ds1 sleeve doesn't fit at all.

CCC makes the best quality ones, strongest magnets, and they fit every deck I've come across so far. So I will be passing on these in the future and stick with CCC. BUT These TCC cases are good, truly- if your deck fits. So just buy with that in mind.

Crystal Display Case

I REALLY wanted to like this case . I think it is very nice and the internal dimensions were almost perfect . However , the majority of my decks won’t fit inside without the back lid completely closed . Seems as if it needs to be about a hair thicker like the X1 Carat case but not as thick as that one . Just enough to be able to fully close the back. The only decks that will fit are slimmer line stock decks. The magnet also is not as strong as the X1 which would have been much nicer, so the case constantly wants to open. Not a PCD issue cause they are always great but definitely a CCC issue.

Works as Intended!

I'm not a huge deck collector, but I've got a few limited edition decks that I don't really want to use and I store the in these cases. The magnets work pretty well and keep the deck secure. It's not difficult to remove the lid either. If you have a few decks that you want to display or keep in good condition, I definitely recommend these!

The perfect case for those special decks

My single case is currently holding an older edition black artisan deck with a signed joker at the front. Couldn’t display the deck better if I tried. Great protection

Just what I was looking for

Great protection

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