Creepy Playing Cards Deck

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Creepy Deck 

Numbered Limited Edition Creepy Playing Cards - Only 1000 printed. Never to be printed again! 

From the Artist: Why Creepy? I wanted to create beautiful :) creepy monsters, 12 of them...and put them on card faces. But why?  I love horrors, it's a challenge for me to see how creepy my imagination can be in this art field,... I decided to put it on paper and show what I got to you. What you see here is the maximum of scary/creepy graphic art I can come up with. All original creatures, all hand drawn. 

All 12 court cards are carefully designed to have that regular court card feel.  Aces, same thing..., classic feel with creepy artwork. 

Get these for your collection before their gone forever! 

Unbranded deck printed by USPCC.  Check my store for the Bicycle version of this deck.