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CPC 100th Deck Design Bicycle Playing Cards

$19.99 USD
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CPC 100th Deck Design Bicycle Playing Cards

$19.99 USD

CPC 100th Deck Design Bicycle Playing Cards

Collectable Playing Cards, the champion in custom playing cards, has just released the CPC 100th Deck! Formed in 2013, Collectable Playing Cards started as an extension of Magic Trick Store and soon became one of the largest retail and wholesale suppliers and creators of custom playing cards in the world. Now with over 100 different produced playing cards on the market, you are sure to find a CPC deck somewhere in your collection. Whether it be the famed Starlight series or The Presidents Decks... how about The Metal Deck or a throwback to Gods Of Mythology and Old Masters (Yep those are CPC too)! USPCC (Bicycle) has been side by side with CPC through this whole journey. What better way to create this milestone deck than to have the beautiful Bicycle logo headlining the show. 

It is no accident that we set out to make the 100th deck the most visually eye-pleasing deck ever created! The very articulate custom detail of each line, curve and dip really gives this deck its own thumbprint. The embossing alone will give you chills. The color is CPC's very own red, black, and gold throughout the entire deck.

  • Limited edition print run of 2700 decks
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle branded
  • Gold foil embossed tuck case
  • Numbered seal
  • Air-Cushion finish
  • Metallic ink on back cards
The back design was made for royalty, printed with metallic inks. It is an absolutely stunning, golden treasure with two spherical medallions gleaming before your eyes. The center will treat you with a stick of emerald. Pearly white borders round out the marvelous piece of art. 

The court cards follow the golden drenched theme of the deck. The pips and numbers are simple, yet elegant, designs wrapped in currency-esque borders. Notice the small "100" laced between the walls just for grand effect. 

The numbered cards also play well with the eloquent pips, numbers, and borders. The light gold backdrop makes the features stand out even more. 

Thank you to all of our fans who have been with us all of these years -- this one is for you! We sincerely appreciate your support and we hope to continue making your playing card collection one that you will cherish for a long, long time!

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
chris clark

I love to play poker with my friends with nice cards, but dear god this luxurious CPC 100th Deck Design Bicycle Playing Cards deck is mega awesome! I think I bought the last two decks available and so glad I did. This anniversary set is stunning in design, feel, and overall elegance. I'll be looking for more in this series. Well done Collectable Playing Cards!

Nathaniel Liao
Purely a Collector’s Deck

The tuck box is very well designed with gold foil and a nice design inside the tuck box as well. The back design is okay for cardistry, but I would not use this deck for magic. The deck comes with identical jokers and 2 replacement cards for the 10 and a court card. It’s a really nice deck, but I think this deck would usually be most appealing for collectors.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

Limited edition print run of 2700 decks with a numbered seal, so purchase 2 decks and open one. The faces of all the cards have a clean elegant look. Custom Aces, Jokers and Court cards plus 2 gaff cards. The Gold foil embossed tuck box has artwork on the inside too.

Daniel Turgelis
great for the collection

great looking cards, i haven't opened my deck due to the numbered seal, but i like the pictures in the write up for the deck , nicely customized standard face cards, recognizable but different. Very nice gold foil and embossed tuck box.

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