Mondrian Broadway Playing Cards USPCC

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Mondrian Broadway Playing Cards

Mondrian Playing Cards is a modern rendition of the Piet Mondrian Painting Composition II. Manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company, and printed on crushed Bee® stock, a dream feel for any card handler. The back design features an abstract of primary colors with horizontal and vertical lines. The simple and clean Mondrian design is distinctly recognizable. The face cards are enhanced with custom Mondrian blue, yellow and red. The Ace of Spades is also a work of art. Sharp angles with the Mondrian design inside the spade give it an edgy look while still being elegant. 

These cards are perfect for collectors, magicians, cardists, and poker players, as all the cards are standard and easily recognizable. 

We spared no expense to create the beautifully designed, flawless tuck-case! Printed on synthetic soft-touch paper for a unique luxury feel. Complete with a sculpted matte silver foil of the original signature of Piet Mondrian! The interior of the tuck is lined with matte silver foil. 

This deck is a limited edition with only 5,000 decks printed. After they sell out, they will never be printed again. 

Designed by Nicholas Earl and Toomas Pintson.

2018 Release

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