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Copperhead v1 Blue Playing Cards LPCC

$9.99 USD
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Copperhead v1 Blue Playing Cards LPCC

$9.99 USD

Copperhead v1 Blue Playing Cards

Like running your hands over the scales of a snake, Viper Finish is named for the silky feel with a unique smooth, dry, yet slippery texture. Viper Finish is the goldilocks of feel, handling, and durability.

As a bonus, it is highly resistant to changes in humidity, which not only is great for some magic techniques like breather crimps, another bonus is you don't get that 'pop' in the deck when you fly or travel to a dry climate, and the decks don't inflate and get soggy in humid climates like Singapore or Hong Kong. A truly new feeling card stock like nothing else on the market.

We hope these decks spark a bit of joy in your life, not only for how they look, but how they feel in your hands. Shuffle your way to a brighter and friendlier future!

"Soft, silky, and polished"

Paper + Coating + Heat curing + LPCC proprietary processes = VIPER FINISH™

Viper Finish blends the thinness and snap of Master / Diamond Finish, with the soft flex and feel of the popular but rare Stud Finish. All of these advantages without destroying the fibers of the paper by crushing the stock, which can make a deck feel great, but weaken the cards and makes them much less durable. If possible, it is better to "crush" the fibers at your own pace by breaking them in with regular use. Your decks will last longer and feel just how you want them to.

The Feel. For all of you out there who love cards as much as we do. Viper Finish has a familiar, yet totally different feeling than USPCCs Air-Cushion Finish or our popular Classic Finish. Top card handlers and magicians worldwide love the soft, silky feel, and long-lasting properties of Viper Finish.

With close-up inspection, the embossing pattern on this card stock forms tiny little pillows, resulting in a remarkable Bekk smoothness grade. Viper Finish is created when this card stock is combined with our custom formulated made-in-USA coating, heat curing, and other proprietary printing and production processes. We still haven’t been able to wear out some early test decks, so can safely say they will handle well for at least 5x longer than a modern UPSPCC deck of playing cards.

If we were to fault Viper Finish, it would be that they are challenging to cut with tight registration because they are so slippery, and they have a quite high level of shine due to the paper absorption properties and polishing. A double edged sword, because these decks just feel so incredible.

The Paper. We listened to you, our customers, who wanted a thin and more flexible card stock than Master Finish. LPCC has close relationships with paper manufacturers around the globe, and we collaborated with one to produce a large order to our specs. Among other considerations, we wanted a paper that is thinner and less hygroscopic, which requires stringent printing requirements. Many months of communication and after a through paper acclimation process, this knowledge, coupled with experienced technicians at LPCC’s newest state-of-the-art facility, resulted in VIPER FINISH™. The all-new ultra thin playing card stock with a medium flex level and a remarkable Bekk smoothness grade. All sourced from sustainably grown pulp derived from Eucalyptus trees.

The Coating. All new and made in the USA! Coating is one of the key ingredients in making a perfect feeling deck of playing cards. We now have a custom formulation that feels nearly perfect and is well suited to Classic or Viper card stocks. It has a natural scent, and is very long lasting. All poker-sized decks printed from October, 2019 will use this newest coating and our latest finishing processes like heat curing and famed Diamond Cut edges. We hope you enjoy the years of work and trial-and-error Legends is putting into improving the feel and durability of paper playing cards.

The art. Unobtrusive and classic, designed to feel modern yet familiar.

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