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Contraband Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD
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Contraband Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD

Contraband Playing Cards

Designed in the United Kingdom by Joe White, Contraband Playing Cards were inspired by secret societies, conspiracy theories, and everything unknown. 

The tuck case, and the cards within, are all made in the USA on FSC-certified, ECF paper. Secret imagery is hidden within the design: the lines of the inner flap construct (literally!) a face of mystery. 

Every single playing card within the Contraband deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards display attention to detail never before achieved. Over a year in the making - and every minute of it is visible in the final design.

Custom Seal.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Nissen
completely custom

This is an gorgeous deck, from the gold and embossing on the exterior of the tuck case to the design on the interior , to the nice back, though I am a little disappointed that it is B/W and not gold like the Citizen's Deck. Elegant ace of spades and Joker compass in gold

Theory 11: Always a crowd favorite

Theory 11 has easily been one of my favorite design teams for a good while now. They hook me with the intricate and detailed artwork that goes into every bit of the deck, from the tuck to the pips. This particular Contraband deck is a favorite of mine due to its intricacy of artwork and the fit it has with other Theory 11 decks like High Victorian and Monarchs. As another reviewer stated (and I agree), it seems to have an almost faux-Victorian feel to it due to the intricacy of the artwork. For those going for a particular aesthetic, these can fit into that intricate niche.

Shannon Horst
One of my favorites!

I can thank Theory 11 for what is quickly becoming a playing card obsession for me. I've never been dissapointed with one of their decks. Contraband is no exception. This deck is simply elegant. The linework and fine details paired with the metalic gold ink make for one beautiful deck. Most certianly a 5-Star deck of cards!

Classic, Elegant Design

These cards feel Victorian. The metallic gold ink is used sparingly and elevates the artwork. The textures on the pip logos also make the cards more unique and vintage feeling. I also really like the tiny symbols and other details laced throughout the deck. For example, I noticed that the faces on the black-suit court cards look like older versions of the red-suit court cards, with their faces wrinkled and beards longer.

Theory 11 Does it again!

I might sound like a broken record, but I truly believe in the quality of Theory 11 decks. Honestly, it seems amazing that they are able to produce quality cards for affordable prices. The tuck case looks like it would be a pricey deck of cards. The cards feel exactly what you'd expect from USPCC produced cards. This is definitely geared towards magic as it comes with a double backer and duplicate jokers. This is a completely custom deck of cards. I love the court cards, especially that it features a hint of the gold foil emboss. Excellent!

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