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Composition Deck Playing Cards EPCC

$13.99 USD
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Composition Deck Playing Cards EPCC

$13.99 USD

Composition Deck Playing Cards

Conceived by Kevin Reylek and designed by James Howells, the Composition Deck is styled after the iconic composition books that so many of us used in our childhood and still use today for jotting down ideas.

Each of the custom faces has a background of ruled lines, as if they were drawn in a real notebook. The designs emulate classic spot and court cards, but look as though they were simply sketched out during study hall.

The crown jewel of the deck is the tuck box. It has a side-opening construction and looks just like a miniature composition book!

Printed by Expert Playing Card Company on Classic stock/finish in their Taiwan factory - known for their excellent quality in terms of feel and handling.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
wes johnson

This deck is great, love that it looks like drawn on lined notebook paper. Brings me back to the day, an old school feeling. A must have if you collect.

One of my favorites!

The composition deck is so simple and unique. I love how it looks like written with markers. Nicely done.

Nostalgic to the Max

This deck of cards has one of the best themes I've seen in being a composition book. The tuck case definitely is one of the highlights of this deck. Upon opening the deck you see the back design being that marbled black and white design. Keep in mind that the back design is a full bleed borderless design, which definitely would benefit magicians (especially beginners) when doing sleights. Top changes, classic passes, bottom/second deals are more deceptive with this back design. If you look closely, you'll see the backs are one-way. The faces of the cards are awesome as they yield an old-school charm to them. They are completely custom and showcase the creativity of the creator.

Very cool!

These are very cool cards! Not bad feel. The look is just awesome! Definitely a fun deck to have! Would suggest buying!

Richard Kempter
Fun deck

Based on the old classic Composition Notebook this is a fun deck. All the cards look hand drawn with blue horizontal lines on them as if they were drawn in a Composition notebook. Easily recognizable though so game play isn't a problem.
Backs are one way but the black and white "pattern" is what you see in the picture. Hardy a one way in my opinion.

Hope you get one before they'e gone. I picked up 2nd deck because they're that good.

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