Composers Playing Cards USGS

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Composers Playing Cards

Composers Card Game is one of the most beloved titles in the perennially popular Authors Card Game series. Each deck includes 52 cards featuring color portraits of 13 honored individuals and highlights of their cultural achievements.

The game of Composers features 52 excerpts of music scores from vocal and instrumental music. The deck includes celebrated classical and romantic composers and their best-known works, for example Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Beethoven’s “Fifth ,” Brahms’ “Lullaby,” and Handel’s “Messiah.”

Composers Card Game includes instructions for Authors- style card game. The cards in the deck have standard indices and are also suitable for most card games.

The bridge size playing cards are brand new and sealed in cello wrap but the outer box is not sealed and may show light wear.

Published by US Games Systems and printed in Italy.