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Cocktail Party Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD
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Cocktail Party Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD

Cocktail Party Bicycle Playing Cards

What could be more fun than an evening playing cards and hosting the perfect cocktail party? 

Each of the face cards feature a time-honored drink recipe to help you create that perfect drink from the golden age of the cocktail party. 

Grab your little black dress, martini shaker and deck of cards - This is going to be fun!

Customer Reviews

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Borderless backs.

A deck that could be used as a conversation piece while playing cards or put into a collection. I actually kinda like the back design though.

Utility > Design

This is a great beater deck for a '60s-themed party, not a collector's piece. The cards hold up against rough handling and spilled Doritos. Each card has a unique cocktail recipe, but the font is a bit small and there are no court illustrations. The back design is The borderless back looks As strange as it may sound, my favorite thing about this deck is that most people recognize the Bicycle brand name on the box but haven't seen this design before. Spend the extra couple bucks for this deck over a standard red/blue if you need a deck handy in your home bar.

wes johnson

Has to be the best deck of cards for a party. Leave it to Bicycle to come up with this. Deck feels good, looks good, great drink recipes, and you know, looks good for cardistry.

Eiichi Murakami
Perfect Recipe!

These cards are the perfect recipe for hours of fun at any party. Just simply open, shuffle, mix and serve!

Magic Mike
So close

love LOVE the back design it's filthy. The deck had so much potential but the faces and cards themselves are too wordy genuinely ruining what couldve been an iconic 60's looking deck

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