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Classic Origin Playing Cards HCPC

$9.99 USD
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Classic Origin Playing Cards HCPC

$9.99 USD

These Classic Origin Playing Cards printed by HCPC have an understated beauty that is memorizing to watch in movement.  This is a great deck of playing cards for Cardists everywhere.

  • Printed by HCPC
  • Designed by Asher X C-Lab
  • 1st Edition
  • Limited Edition of 3,000
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
chris kinkead

if you love music, this is for you! standard cards, two way back design, pay attention to the box. simple but classic.

Fantastic Simple

This deck is really a simple back design however it is really appealing to me. Easy to move the cards and has a good weight to it. Great price right now too! I would suggest this deck for anyone. I was surprised by the retro joker design. Well done!

Was definitely impressed!

Most of my collection is USPCC, and more recently I've been adding more Cartamundi decks. This is the first deck of HCPC I've handled. I'm not great at cardistry... I'm more of a sleight of hand novice at best. While I can feel a difference in the cards, it's not a bad difference.They fan nicely, not too slippery, and work well with sleight of hand moves. Matching jokers is always something I like as well. Also how the red in the pips is darker than normal! Same with the yellow colors in the court cards, it's more of a goldish-orange color. Very happy with the decks! Glad I bought several when on sale!

Perfect balance between luxury and worker

I fell in love with Hanson Chien playing cards the first time opened the Hanami deci. However, the ultra-soft decks do have some drawbacks depending on usage. On the contrary, it is rare to find a worker deck that offers anywhere close to the same level of comfort. This has become my favorite deck because it is the perfect balance I'm my opinion.

Further, the cards are clear and legible making them good for magic.

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