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Circus Reproduction Gilded Playing Cards USPCC

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Circus Reproduction Gilded Playing Cards USPCC

Circus Reproduction Gilded Playing Cards

Sold as a 2 deck set and individually

First printed in 1896, now digitally recreated from scratch using original source material. The original No. 47 Circus Playing Cards advertising copy said: “The staid old Kings, Queens and Jacks have given way to various well-known ring masters, clowns and queens.” 

This fun all purpose deck features easy to read large indices and 12 interesting individual courts.  The original deck only included 1 joker but we added an extra for modern game play.

The peach color deck has an 1-way back design featuring an equestrian and 4 different circus animals in the corner and are green gilded.

The blue color deck has a 2-way back design featuring a lion tamer and a lion and a horse in the corners and are blue gilded.

Please note gilding can wear off with regular use.

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
  • Poker Size
  • Traditional Cut
  • Embossed Finish
  • Limited Edition of 300
  • 2 Jokers, Extra Ace & Blank Face
  • Custom Stamp Style Tax Seal
  • Digitally Recreated From Scratch
  • Illustrated by Azured Ox
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Designs!

I received these cards from a mystery gilded box and all I can say is WOW! The borders are nice and the gilded sides make for an awesome shuffle. I highly recommend these cards to anyone looking for an elegant gilded deck!!

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