Chris Cards GLOW v2 Playing Cards

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Chris Cards GLOW v2 Playing Cards

NEW, THINNER, BETTER PRICE! Two years ago the idea of ChrisCards Glow was born. With the support of our backers we were able to fulfill the dream, of our unique and creative deck. A lot of voices begged for a second version, with that in mind and knowing that we could do an even better job, it is now time to launch GLOW V2.

Only 1000 decks printed.

Attention will be caught by the great visual details and the wow effect of your tricks is emphasized, by the glowing, unique colors.

Very special is that the cards are printed with invisible ink.

This makes the black to color effect much stronger.

With your help we will bring the second version into reality.

Very important for the best effect use a 365nm UV lamp.

2022 Release