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Cherry Casino Tahoe Blue Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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Cherry Casino Tahoe Blue Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

The inviting blue of Cherry Playing Cards (Tahoe Blue) begs your fingers to touch each card. 

Feel the refreshing, thin card stock of the cards as they move effortlessly in your hands. It is obvious why all versions of Cherry Playing Cards continue to be sought after by magicians, collectors, and gamblers worldwide. 

Lake Tahoe has enticed adventurers to come swim in its clear waters during the day, and escape to the casinos at night. 

Cherry Playing Cards (Tahoe Blue) captures the spirit of an old-time casino, and one of the USA's deepest, clearest lakes, with its mystical pearl tone and the classic cherry symbol. 

You can almost hear the flick of the cards against the felt table, and the familiar ring of a slot machine jackpot nearby. 

Designed by Sam Devins in partnership with Derek McKee, Cherry Playing Cards continues to captivate magicians and cardists with unparalleled quality. 

Printed by U.S. Playing Card Company with specially colored court cards, and custom designed Ace of Spade and Jokers. 

Includes 2 specially printed gaff cards. 

What are you waiting for? 

Come play.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Taylor
Whoa! Nice go-to deck

These are my new faves. I really enjoy the thin stock and smooth feel of this deck. As an amateur card magician, the retro casino look doesn’t seem to call any unnecessary attention to the deck. Folks just think you have a souvenir deck. The Tahoe Blue is similar to a gunmetal blue with a pearl finish that really adds to the retro feel. Identical jokers, blank face, & double backer - can’t go wrong. Is it possible that I have time traveled? I see more of these decks in my future.


I think the color on the Cherry Casino Tahoe Blue Playing cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company is awesome. I would highly recommend them for any collection.

A great addition for a classy game night

As the above description says, I absolutely can hear the flick and slide of cards on a felt. It gives me a thrill thinking of it, and this deck just fits so well into that niche of what you expect from casino cards.

Beauty in Simplicity

These are some of the prettiest cards I've seen, in regards to the tuck and card backs. A subtle metallic ink is used, and the pale blue is very easy on the eyes. They're not flashy, but sometimes subtlety is what you need.

Beautiful deck

Its a beautiful deck with one of my favorite back designs. Honestly though the deck is too expensive for what it. It's got metallic ink which makes the deck look cool but the faces are all standard and the back isn't flashy.

But because of the standard faces and back design it makes this deck great to use for magic.

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