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Chainless Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD
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Chainless Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD

Chainless Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

These cards are the classics; unique and archetypal designs from an era of simple fun and elegant design. Interesting to note that the chain has remained an integral part of bicycles since they became popular and it is only in the last 5 years that major companies have started experimenting with belt drives and internally driven (chainless) bicycles.

Indexes are smaller then normal and may be hard to see for some.

Custom Seals.

Embossed Tuck Case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eiichi Murakami
A Vintage Classic!

This deck is a must have for any vintage card collectors out there. Even better if you get both the red and blue colours.

Asher Long
Would buy

Great deck, nice vintage feel and handles like a bicycle handles. The tuck case is embossed which adds to the vintage style.

P. Dennis
Must have for vintage lovers

I get a deck of as many vintage style reissues as possible. I tend to use these in thematic magic tricks with patter that hearkens back to days gone by.

These are priced just right.

Very Nice

Really enjoyed these cards. Prefer the red to the blue but either has a great feel and appearance. Has a nice vintage look that will be sure to satisfy those who see them.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

A nice handling Bicycle deck. The deck is basically standard with two Jokers. The pips are slightly different but not very noticeable. The tuck box is slightly embossed on all four sides giving it a more classy feel.

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