Casino Royale Mystic Edition Playing Cards

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Casino Royale Mystic Edition Playing Cards

In 2016, Bomb Magic released the previous Casino Royale: Bright Edition. Now they have released the Casino Royale: Mystic Edition Playing Cards. Casino Royale conjures up diamonds in our minds, and there are plenty of them here. The deck has a fashionable, multi-colored diamond back, with the colors a bit darker in this new edition. You'll appreciate its unique appearance. Because it is unusual, we call it the Mystic Edition with the Magic Finish. Casino Royale is a series of decks with a set of colors quite different from other decks in the market - they are difficult to manufacture, and we think you'll love this new deck. The slogan on this edition's tuckbox is "Magic without Limits." Take a close look, as there is a secret inside this deck! 

Magic Finish
Diamond Back - Standard Index
Designed by Bomber Playing Card Co 
Printed by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Company)
2017 Release

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