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Carnaval De Muertos Playing Cards NPCC - Alheli & Marigold

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Carnaval De Muertos Playing Cards NPCC - Alheli & Marigold

The main theme of the decks is Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos - a holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico. Believing the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, Día de Muertos celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink and parties. The deceased are often honored with sugar skulls, marigolds and their favorite foods. Celebrations often take the form of street parties and parades, characterized by vibrant colors and festivities. The most familiar symbols are skeletons and skulls, which are often portrayed in fancy clothes.

These cards were created from scratch, and inspired by Fuego Playing Cards and Steve Simpson's artwork.

Alheli - This is known as Baby's breath in English. Although not used in all the places that celebrate the Day of the Dead, this flower is used mainly for the souls of the children. Their white color is representative of purity and innocence.

Marigold flowers are used to remember the souls of the dead, since it is the traditional flower of the dead. It's colors are said to represent the force of the sun and life. In Spanish marigold is called Cempasuchil, which comes from Náhuatl and when translated it means "flower of 20 or more petals", "20 leaves" or "20 flowers". It also symbolizes sadness and tragedy. 

  • Created and produced by Noir Arts | NPCC in Ukraine
  • All artwork is custom and drawn on paper and then digitized
  • Launched on Kickstarter
  • Two-way custom Courts, Aces, Jokers, Pips Layout, Backside  and custom Tuck Box
  • Premium Cardstock With Linen Finish With Ultrasleek Card Coating
  • Custom Shape Tuck Seals
  • Custom Interior Printing
  • Foil and embossing on tuck box

Customer Reviews

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Lively and colourful decks

Like the holiday that they celebrate, the Carnaval de Muertos decks are celebratory in nature, and take a light-hearted and playful look at what would normally be considered macabre subject matter. Noir Arts has done a fantastic job in bringing these wonderful decks to life in a very colourful and quality product, that is both fun and incredibly classy at the same time. I especially like the lively court cards, the intricately patterned design with vibrant colours on the card backs, and the Jokers which continue the playful theme which runs through the entire deck. The tuck cases of both decks are also absolutely splendid.

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