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Cardistry-Con Hong Kong Tally-Ho Playing Cards

$11.99 USD
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Cardistry-Con Hong Kong Tally-Ho Playing Cards

$11.99 USD

Made exclusively for the attendees of Cardistry-Con 2018 this unique deck of Tally-Ho® Circle Back playing cards features a never-before-printed borderless back design against a tricolor palette of orange and blues.

Limited Edition of 1,000. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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Nice but not the best Tallys

I do like the way these feel however the back design is just a bit too busy with too many colors for my liking.


This is a great deck. The great pattern and the colors make them very eye catching. The deck feels great in your hand. They are very easy to handle. They look great during tricks. The stock is good. It is a good deck to have in your collection. I love the bold, cool, and unique patterns on the back. I love borderless decks. Having no borders makes them look sleeker, in my opinion. The box design is also good. The box makes them look very professional. I like the darker blues. Over all, the design is simple, but simple can be a good thing.

Eric Lee
A cardistry classic is now designed specifically for cardistry

Tally Ho's have been well regarded by cardists before the boom in cardistry decks. USPCC has now taken the brand to make it even more cardistry friendly. The bold, striking orange and blue colors; the redesigned and borderless circle back and recoloured faces all enhance cardistry fans and flourishes. All this with the excellent USPCC handling.
Sadly this Hong Kong Cardistry Con 2018 exclusive is now hard to find, with only a few online stores still selling it; besides Ebay, at more than 3x the original USPCC price of under USD10.
It's great to see USPCC finally embracing their fans by releasing more customized decks targeted at 1 main group, but yet still usable by all other groups. (They also released the Bicycle ® Reveal Tuck for magicians this year)


These cards handle great! The pattern and colors on this deck are amazing! If you can get your hands on one it will be well worth it!

Chris Luong
The best

One of the best deck I own so far. The colors are amazing handling like butter

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