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Carat XDR24L 24 Deck Rack w/ Lid

$65.99 USD
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Carat XDR24L 24 Deck Rack w/ Lid

$65.99 USD

Carat XDR24L 24 Deck Rack w/ Lid

The Carat XDR24L Deck Rack is made of a combination of clear 3mm and 5mm archival quality acrylic and holds 24 decks in 3 columns of 8 with the side of the tuck facing outwards for easier recognition of your decks. The XDR24L comes with a 5mm acrylic lid that is attached with 8 pairs of neodymium magnets to ensure that it is attached securely while allowing for it to be removed relatively easily.

The overall dimensions are 29.7cm wide x 22.2cm high x 7.5cm deep (8.0cm deep w/lid) with each slot measuring 9.5cm wide x 2.4cm high x 6.0cm deep to accommodate for varying sized tucks. The overall weight of the deck rack is approximately 1500g.

The back of the deck rack has 4 countersunk holes to allow for hanging on the wall and comes with 4 sets of screws and wall anchors as well as 4 silicone plugs if you do not wish to hang it on the wall.

The Carat XDR24L is the perfect way to display and show off your favorite decks, whether it be on your desk, shelf or on the wall while the lid helps keep it protected from dust build up.

Carat Card Cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors, designers and playing card manufacturers. Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers and companies to create custom cases, including; Butterfly Playing Cards, Cartamundi, Chris Ovdiyenko, Expert Playing Card Co, Jackson Robinson, Lee Asher, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Rick Davison, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries, Tru-Card, Vanda Playing Cards and many others.


  • Clear archival quality acrylic for unobstructed views from all sides and safe storage of valuable decks
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners for an elegant look and feel
  • Holds 24 decks in 3 columns of 8 with each slot measuring 9.5 x 2.4 x 6.0cm
  • Has 4 countersunk holes in the back and includes 4 sets of screws and wall anchors for hanging as well as 4 silicone plugs to fill the holes if not hung
  • Approximate weight of 1500g


  • Materials used: A combination of 3mm and 5mm archival quality clear acrylic
  • Dimensions:
    External - 29.7cm x 22.2cm x 7.5cm (8.0cm with lid)
    24 slots each with internal dimensions of 9.5cm x 2.4cm x 6.0cm
  • Additional item(s):
    4 screws and wall anchors for hanging
    4 silicone plugs to cover the holes if not hanging
    4 rubber pads with adhesive to apply to bottom of case if needed

Playing cards not included.

Customer Reviews

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High Quality Deck Storage

This deck case is sturdy and versatile. The transparent design keeps attention on the decks on display.

One note for buyers: The case is likely to have a strong chemical smell when you receive it. However, the smell will go away if you let the case air out for a couple of days or so. I have purchased three and have never had a problem after airing them out.

An excellent addition to the Carat Case family

Carat Case Creations has added an excellent new case to their catalogue. The XDR24L is a beautiful, wall-mountable solution for displaying 24 decks with quite a bit of elegance while maintaining full dust protection with the lid/cover. Carat has needed some wall-mountable cases to compete with some of the larger display cases, and this doesn't disappoint. Of course, the case can still be set on a shelf or table, as well. As with all Carat products, the magnetic closures work well and are quite strong.


This Carat XDR24L 24 Deck Rack w/ Lid display is stunning when it is filled up. Grab one or more for your collection!

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