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Carat EDC Deck Sleeve - 5 Pack

$8.49 USD
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Carat EDC Deck Sleeve - 5 Pack

$8.49 USD

Carat EDC Deck Sleeve - 5 Pack

Are you tired of your EDC (Every Day Carry) deck tuck case getting all dinged and torn up? Are you looking for an affordable way to protect and show off your decks?

Carat Case Creations presents the Carat DS1 EDC Deck Sleeve, an affordable and durable case made specifically for your everyday carry deck. Not only does it protect your deck from knocks and bumps being in your pocket, backpack or other carrying bag, it is better designed to allow you easy and quick access to your cards.

The major changes from the original Carat DS1 include an incision in the top flap to allow for the tuck box flap to be inserted in it so that when you open the DS1 EDC flap, the tuck box flap opens as well. The side flaps have been removed and the back has slits and creases to emulate the back of the tuck box for easier removal of your cards. Finally, the flap has been extended to allow for better closing of the flap since the side flaps have been removed.

Just like the DS1, the DS1 EDC is made of 0.3mm clear, archival safe PET, allowing full viewing of your deck from all sides while providing good protection against knocks and bumps. It fits most decks from the major playing card printers (including Cartamundi, EPCC, HPCC, LPCC, TWPCC and USPCC), and its low profile allows you to store your decks as you normally would on your shelf, in your drawer, in storage boxes or anywhere else.

The Carat DS1 EDC is extremely light, weighing around 8g or 0.25 oz. and comes unfolded to make it easy to ship. Once ready to use, simply peal off the protective film, fold the flaps together and assemble the Deck Sleeve.

With the Carat DS1 EDC, you no longer have to worry about your deck or tuck getting all banged up in your pocket or daily carry bag. It's also an affordable way to protect a large number of decks while still displaying or showing them off to your friends!

Carat card cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors and designers. Aside from its regular production cases, Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers to create custom cases, including, Butterfly Playing Cards, ExpertPCC, Rick Davidson, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries and Vanda Playing Cards.

  • Made of 0.3mm clear archival safe PET
  • Special Features for use with open decks
    - Longer rounded flap with incision for tuck box flap insertion
    - Removal of side flaps to allow for easier access to cards
    - Slits and creases on the back to emulate the back of the tuck box to allow for wider opening of the tuck box
  • Fits most decks from the major printers including Cartamundi, EPCC, HPCC, LPCC, TWPCC and USPCC
  • Low profile, lightweight protection
  • Ships flat
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Points to note
    - There is a protective film on the outside of each deck sleeve
  • Materials used 0.3 mm clear PET acrylic
  • Weight - 8g or 0.25oz
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 16cm x 8.6cm x 0.2cm
  • Dimensions (folded): 9.4cm x 6.7cm x 2.0cm

Playing cards not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul Martin
These cases fit my regular decks perfectly

The plastic tuck boxes are big enough to fit a normal sized desk of cards. You can see the designs inside easily, and it is a classy touch.


They work well for cards you plan to carry around with you. I think the plastic isn't exactly well suited for opening and closing repeatedly, one of them already snapped right at the cease that closes the flap to close the tuck box.

Robert Smith
Just what the Dr ordered

This is a product I needed that I didn't know I needed. My tuck boxes get banged and scratched even in my clip, but no more. I'll be getting a few more of these ASAP

Michael D.
Should have ordered more

These are great protection for your cards. The attaching flap is an excellent feature! I plan to order more and use them on my favorite carry decks!

Excellent protection!

This is the perfect way to carry your decks around in your pocket! The flap sometimes is a little too tight to fit in some boxes, but it works fine on most!!

Definitely pick some up! You’ll never regret it!

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