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Carat DS1XL Deck Sleeves (5 Pack)

$4.99 USD
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Carat DS1XL Deck Sleeves (5 Pack)

$4.99 USD

Carat DS1XL

Carat Case Creations presents the Carat DS1XL Deck Sleeve, an extra large version of the original Carat DS1, produced especially for the Kings Wild Project Book Case Decks and the Card Mafia Avenger Series, specifically Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Like the DS1 and DS1L, the DS1XL is made of 0.35mm clear, archival safe PET plastic, providing lightweight protection against knocks and bumps while allowing full viewing of your deck from all sides. The DS1XL has dimensions of 10.5 x 7.9 x 3.2cm and the Carat Case Creations logo is teal for easier identification, while trying as best as possible, not to interfere with the view of your deck.

.The Carat DS1L weighs only 14g or 0.53oz and comes unfolded with a protective film on the outside for easy, safe shipping. Once ready to use, simply peel off the protective film, fold the flaps together and assemble the DS1XL.

With the Carat DS1XL, you no longer have to worry about your deck or tuck getting all banged up while transporting your deck. It's also an affordable way to protect a large number of decks while still displaying or showing them off to your friends!

Carat Card Cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors, designers and playing card manufacturers. Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers and companies to create custom cases, including; Butterfly Playing Cards, Cartamundi, Chris Ovdiyenko, Elemental Playing Cards, Expert Playing Card Co, Kings Wild Project, Lee Asher, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Murphy's Magic, Rick Davison, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries, Tru-Card, Vanda Playing Cards and more.


  • Made of 0.35mm clear archival safe PET
  • Dimensions of 10.5 x 7.9 x 3.2cm
  • Low profile, lightweight protection
  • Ships flat with protective film to prevent scratching during transport (to be removed by user)
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Comes in pack of 5
  • Teal logo to help differentiate from other DS1s


  • Materials used
    0.35 mm clear PET acrylic
  • Weight - 14g or 0.53oz
  • Dimensions (unfolded):
    17.5 x 11.1 x 0.2 cm
  • Dimensions (folded):
    10.5 x 7.9 x 3.2cm

NOTE: Decks not included.

Customer Reviews

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Anything by Carat Case is a god-send for Protecting Your Treasured Decks

Carat Case makes ultra-high quality for protecting your card decks. The also make beautiful units for showing off/displaying your prized collectable decks. The DS1XL Deck Sleeve fits big over-sized decks such as the Kings Wild storybook decks. The Deck Sleve protects the decks so that the stay mile new. I use all the different sizes of the DS! To protect nearly all my decks that I don’t use on a daily basis. It protects and preserves the decks keeping them like new. I love them!

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