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Capitol Navy Bicycle Playing Cards

$7.99 USD
$5.99 USD
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Capitol Navy Bicycle Playing Cards

$7.99 USD
$5.99 USD

Capitol Navy Bicycle Playing Cards

The United States Playing Card Company is proud to share this piece of our history with playing card enthusiasts and fans. First introduced in 1886 during the Russell and Morgan Printing Co. era, the Capitol brand of playing cards was in printed until 1928. Throughout its print run, it featured six different card backs. We are offering the original card back.

This special edition deck has been reproduced from our extensive playing card collection for the enjoyment of a new generation of playing card collectors.

  • Tuck case highlighted with embossing and silver foil
  • Printed on premium Bicycle® brand card stock
  • Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
  • Made in the USA
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of my favorites

I probalby own more of this deck than I do of any non-standard/generic deck by any company. Such a classy design. Great for any occasion. I hope they never discontinue these.

Ray G

The faces of the cards are stunning & remind me of a deck from 120 years ago. Really like these cards.

Простой , но привлекательный дизайн

Вроде бы простая колода карт , ничего необычного в ней нет, но чем то она даже привлекательна! Качество стандарт от велосипеда

A new favorite

This is a new favorite deck of mine. The pictures on the playing cards are absolutely beautiful! I plan on buying a few more. This is something good for any avid collector.

My new personal fav

When I first saw these, and held them in person, I knew this would be my new go to solitaire deck.
I bought 3 right off.
I love the overall design, the utilization of the capitol as jokers (1 gold high joker, 1 black lesser joker), the nice navy and gold back accents.
The court cards have excellent coloring and detail, with intricate multiline drawn "locks" of hair on the characters heads, which is in stark contrast to the 4-5 lines used on more inexpensive cards. It just gives a nice touch of class.
Ace of spades is a top notch drawn card.
The red pips are a nice cranberry color, not a stark glaring red that looks cheap.
Again, just a nice simple, yet elegant touch.
This truly is a bargain deck in my opinion.
If these had been in the $9 range, I wouldn't have blinked.
I'll will definately buy more.

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