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Butterfly v3 Marked Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Butterfly v3 Marked Playing Cards Cartamundi

Butterfly v3 Marked Playing Cards

Available in 2 colors, not sold as a set

Original 3rd Edition Butterfly Playing Cards with Tutorial Videos by Ondrej Psenicka

The Butterfly Playing Cards Flagship - the newest and most advanced deck of the Butterfly Playing Cards Family.

We are bringing back our most popular color versions of Butterfly Playing Cards on a new paper stock, better than ever.

The Red and Blue Butterfly decks have been improved to bring you an overall better quality. We made them slim, smooth on the edges, and a delight to handle. The beautiful outer wrapper with a butterfly lock contains an instruction card explaining the marking system so you can begin learning right when you open the cards. We've shot over 2 hours of tutorial videos for you. You'll learn the Butterfly Playing Cards basics, over a dozen effects specific to the deck, tips, and principles that Ondrej developed between the release of the first edition and now.

Every deck contains 15 custom made stickers from 8 accomplished playing card designers. These will inspire you to customize your tuck case so you'll love carrying the cards with you everywhere and showing them off to your friends.

2021 Release


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