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Butterfly Refills Blue Playing Cards 2 Deck Pack Cartamundi

$34.99 USD
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Butterfly Refills Blue Playing Cards 2 Deck Pack Cartamundi

$34.99 USD

"There are many new beautiful playing card designs. However, this design will blow your mind. I can't wait to explore the endless possibilities." 
- Asi Wind 

Thousands of people have been amazing audiences with the original Butterfly Playing Cards unique marking system and in-depth video instructions. Butterfly Playing Cards' marking system allows any performer to make miracles NOT possible with ANY other deck of playing cards. 

Of course, after countless performances the deck will eventually wear out. 

And thankfully Refill Butterfly Cards (available in packs of two or six decks) will save you money because we included a basic tuck box and no marking instructions. (Why pay for the instructions again?) 

The Refill Butterfly Cards have a plain tuck with no special effects and contains a gaff card. 

The cards themselves are identical to the original 2nd edition decks. 

(However, just for fun the Refill Butterfly Cards outside packaging has an optical illusion which if photographed at a certain angle makes the box look transparent and empty.) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refill Butterfly Cards do NOT include marking instructions or custom tucks.

  • If you want the 7 downloadable video instructions and explanation card on the ingenious marking system... get the original Butterfly Playing Cards Marked 2nd Edition.
  • If you want the special embossed tuck with inner printing and spot UV effect, PLUS an Easter Egg where the black butterfly changes under body heat... get the original Butterfly Playing Cards Marked 2nd Edition.

"This is the most ingeniously designed marked deck I have ever seen! You can do miracles with this pack that cannot be performed with any other deck of marked cards. Wonderful... absolutely wonderful!" 
- Daryl

Customer Reviews

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Paul Syros
The most interesting cards I own

I own three of these and have just done the Kickstarter for the new ones. The idea behind how they work is fabulous and the new ones look and act even better and I can not wait till I get them. You must get at least one of these if you are serious about cards


These are some of the greatest cards I've ever owned. They are as beautiful as they are clever. The cards feel gorgeous in your hands as well. Absolutely top notch.

Sky is the limit

The new version of Butterfly improved so much - start with the quality, it is now easy to faro. the marking is slightly easier to read now. While the box takes a step backward - the box is totally bland but im ok with that.

The box set has optical illusion - like a 3D feature, get it andu will understand :)

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