Busy Bears Playing Cards Seek-N-Find Deck

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A "Busy Bear" deck of HIDDEN IMAGE playing cards from playing card artist, Peter Wood.  This deck takes Teddy Bear decks to a whole new "hidden image" level with each "Busy Bear" being shown in various types of work uniforms and work settings.  A fun deck for teddy bear fans and card collectors alike.  This cool deck of playing cards features teddy bears in fun "career" positions or occupations like a UBS Bear (parcel delivery driver), firefighter, truck driver, farmer, housewife, dentist, zoo keeper, doctor, forest ranger, librarian, construction worker and so much more. 

The basic scoop is when you look at each card face and find the hidden suits or pips (clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts).  The deck plays like a normal deck of cards, but we have hidden the images on the card faces to add a new dimension.  For example, if you look at the 6 of hearts you will find 6 hearts actually hidden on that particular image!  Grab the 3 of clubs and you will find 3 clubs hidden in the image.  The hidden images add a nice twist to any deck of cards. 

This type of art isn't really new as it has been around since the late 1800s.  We just love this type of art so much that we continue to create more decks with it.  In the "old days" this type of art was called "semi-transformational" but we call it "hidden images".  "Semi-transformation" just means that the suit signs or "pips" are hidden in the picture...which is exactly what these decks do.  They are 'transformed' in a subtle and fun way just like they did in the late 1800s.   

Are you good enough to find all of the hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades? 

This fun deck of playing cards features teddy bears in various uniforms and work situations.  The cards are poker sized (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") and can be used for all your standard card games.  This is just a normal deck of playing cards with custom faces  and "hidden images" to add to the fun. 

Peter Wood is a wonderful independent artist living in the United Kingdom.   He has a flame for creating unique decks of playing cards and has done so for several years.  To date he has created 3 decks specifically for Newt's that have been printed and 1 more that will go to print soon.  Peter has also created decks for US Games, Inc., Piatnik and other card makers/publishers around the world.   

If you love teddy bears, you will LOVE this deck of unique playing cards!  If you love "hidden images" then you will love this deck!

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