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Bones Playing Cards USPCC

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Bones Playing Cards USPCC

Bones Playing Cards

An April 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Available as a set or individually

Bones Playing Cards is the first of Brain Vessel's Artist Series Playing Cards. This amazing series aims to bring artists' visions to the playing card medium. Bones represents the artwork of Jason Kreiger, the illustrator of Brain Vessel's Seven Seas Playing Card Campaign and Seven Seas Master Collection. 

With tones of nature and mysticism, Bones is an exploration into the underlying structure of all living things. Jason explores a variety of different mediums and styles from traditional pen and ink, stippling, ink brushwork, charcoal, and digital line work while adhering to a unifying black, white, and grey approach. 

Number cards have a unique arrangement of pips, and court cards show bones in an eye-catching and spell-binding manner. 

Bones comes in two editions: Dust Edition and Rebirth Edition.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

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dan turgelis

what a great deck, top notch uspcc quality , 100% custom pip, indices and face cards. No gaff cards instead you have to two add copy one for the artist and one for the producer of the deck. Each face card , aces and jokers have a bone diagram of different animals shown in very unique ways using different art techniques. Also all spot cards have indices in different placement. Great deck for the collector.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

Quite amazing artwork on all of the cards in this deck. The very unusual layout on the number cards may make this deck, not feasible to use on poker night, but will be a nice conversation piece.

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