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Blossom Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD
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Blossom Playing Cards USPCC

Blossom Playing Cards

Sold as a set and individually.

The new Blossom deck which was drawn by our chief designer Yolanda for more than 700 hours. 


100% Original design 

100% custom artwork 

This deck is printed by USPCC. 


High Quality Stock 

Platinum Metallic Ink

Printed by USPCC , 2200 decks printed each. Metallic ink printed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice Quality

This deck has a very nice feel and decent USPCC quality. I did not love the color of the deck however. I wish the color was a bit more vibrant or not as muted.

Better than I expected

I picked up both decks - they were just $10.99 for the set of two, so it's just over five bucks each. I gave them away as gifts but did get a chance to see the cards when my giftee opened them. The card backs have an ornate design, but it's especially the face cards that gives these decks a very custom look, which was more impressive seeing them firsthand than what I'd thought from photos. The number cards have a custom look, and the court cards also look quite stylish. The person I gave these to wanted a deck with a custom look and was very pleased with this. Smooth handling with quality cards from USPCC as well.

Phil Dennis
Another set of gorgeous cards from Yolanda plus some bonus cards for the magicians among us!

These decks have the same face gorgeous designs as the Floral deck also by Yolanda. A big plus for these decks is the DB and BF cards provided. Thus the decks are ready for some great card effects out of the box. The cards look like an innocent deck that the ladies at a card party would use so I can leave them lying on the table ready for action!

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