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Blades Blood Moon Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD
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Blades Blood Moon Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD

Blades Blood Moon Playing Cards


The Master Series - De'vo's Blades Blood Moon has beautiful luxurious RED METALLIC INK (not shown in photos -- prototypes have standard ink) on the faces and backs. This is a first for ANY De'vo deck! This amazing deck is a black deck and a MUST HAVE for all card lovers! This is the same series that has been seen all over television and used by world-renowned card experts and magicians! This time De'vo has outdone himself by doing this all-black deck version with a beautiful red metallic ink. 

Printed by the USPC with intricate artwork, world class stock and finishes. It is perfect for playing cards, magic, XCM, cardistry and for collecting. This deck includes two amazingly illustrated Jokers (big and small) AND a blank card which can be used by magicians to make the entire deck look blank at will. You may have seen De'vo's previous decks on Stan Lee's Superhumans, on Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. (over 90 MILLION VIEWS), and on many other television shows! De'vo's decks have also appeared in many shows used by a variety of professional magicians and card manipulators. De'vo's decks are some of the most sought-after cards in the world and are in the homes of presidents and celebrities around the globe. 

This brand new, HOT offering from De'vo has gorgeous and expensive red metallic ink on both faces and backs. De'vo's decks handle like no other and are WORLD CLASS! They are simply incredible and look elegant but have a dark and classy feeling to them! There is nothing else quite like this amazing deck of cards! These are PERFECT for card collectors, poker/game players, magicians and manipulators who want a beautiful and BOLD deck of playing cards! If you even remotely like playing cards, then you NEED this deck in your collection before they are gone forever! 

NOTE: All deck photos are of the prototypes and do NOT have metallic ink, but the final product will.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

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Nice in some ways, disappointing in others

The metallic ink looks very pink when the light hits it. Don't expect a foil look the shimmer is very subtle with the metallic ink at first I couldn't tell there was any metallic nature to it. It looks cool but it's nothing to make you stop and go wow either. On the bright side, though, the black edges are pretty durable considering they are black, it'll take a while for the edges to chip and show white which is nice. The tuck case separated as soon as I opened the deck and it caused a white crease on the side flap where the case is glued together. That was lame. They feel nice and faro shuffle well etc. I'm planning on expecting chipped edges but so far just breaking the cards in they're doing great.


The black and red is a great color scheme. Everything about these is well-made. The card backs are stunning. The court cards are fantastic. These handle well and feel like high-quality cards.

Terry Quan Chi Dung

Love the black decks ! and this is exceptionally well made , the blood red colour totally bleed out , If u are into collecting devo series, this is a must !

Quality is great too, but the corner will get faro after extensive usage

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