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Blackout Kingdom Bicycle Playing Cards

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Blackout Kingdom Bicycle Playing Cards

Blackout Kingdom Bicycle Playing Cards

Not sold as a set, available in dark & light

"In the heyday of kings, a mysterious force swept over all of the kingdoms possessing the rich, powerful and wealthy causing a Blackout- Forcing the kings to rule their kingdoms blindly. The poor, however, were not affected by this mysterious force. The wealthy and powerful had no choice but to become united with the poor against this force to save their kingdom." 

"Some people believe that the mysterious force was the eyes of the Demon but others believe that it was the watchful eyes of the Gods."

The inspiration for the design is this legend, about the alliance between rich and poor people against a mysterious force to save their kingdom. The deck contains the essence of a story like this, with dark cards, black and white and with customized court cards showing blind royal characters under the influence of that mysterious force.

The cards are strong and eerie, transmitting the atmosphere of the story behind the deck. 

Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel Liao
Bought Both Decks and was not Disappointed.

The Dark version is definitely the better version in my opinion. The back design is clean and the faces look really nice. The version is perfect for cardists, magicians, or even collectors. A beautiful deck with a nice black color scheme. The Light version is the same design for the backs and slight differences with the faces. The major difference is that instead of the black theme; there is a blue, orange, and tan color scheme. I am not really a fan of the colors in the Light version. The numbered seal makes it perfect for collectors though.

Daniel Costarell
Utterly mysterious!

For clarity, I am reviewing the "light" version. This is an interesting design, almost like there's something mysterious and subtly sinister happening here. The entire deck is completely custom. There's a sort of rich, creamy coloration to the background that's featured on the backs and the fronts. The symmetrical backs use some nice brown and green tones with a diamond pattern, with a sort of "all seeing eye" design at the center, and the same eye in the corners. All card fronts have a nice border, with some scrollwork design and the "eye" logo at opposite corners, the other opposite corners containing the corner pips and numbers. The fonts, as well as the corner pips and center pips are all custom. The court cards are modeled after standard courts, but with a slight twist in facial features and attire. The color pattern of the deck carries thru to the courts, and all of the court cards are "blind", with ghastly blank eyes. There are two full sized jokers as well, both symmetrical, one with slightly different coloration than the other. The jokers are also "blind", and appear holding a scepter, and with a sinister look. There is also a double backed card included. For a fully custom deck, I feel slightly guilty with my rating, but there's some depth that's just not quite here that I see on other decks by independent artists. If fractions were possible, I'd rate this at four and a quarter, but today, four stars will have to do.

Review of the Light deck

I have the Light deck, which I got as a gift for someone - they were very pleased with it. It's one of the more customized decks I've seen. The card back has a strong diamond shape with a large eye in the center. The faces are very very customized, and look very different from a traditional deck, with a very distinct style. It's probably not ideal for playing card games since the indices aren't super clear or practical. But it's a very attractive deck for the collector who appreciates this style, or for cardistry. The Bicycle brand ensures quality of handling, so no problems there.

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