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Black Tiger Legacy Playing Cards Poker Size Deck USPCC

$11.99 USD
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Black Tiger Legacy Playing Cards Poker Size Deck USPCC

$11.99 USD

Black Tiger Legacy Playing Cards

The Bicycle Black Tiger sold 5,000 original copies in 4 days and a legacy was created.

After ambushing the industry with the original designs, we've completely re-worked the best-selling Tiger deck to feature an all new box design.

The deck itself beckons startling memories of voodoo & witchcraft on these burned and blackend cards.

The iconic Tiger features prominently on the box-front. One of nature's most feared predators.

Surrounded by black foil this deck has been redesigned from the ground up and sealed with a custom deck seal.

Become the beast. Order Legacy Black Tigers Today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Smith
The ones that started it all

These are the first custom cards, and still sell like crazy. Why? Great look great feel and the viewers like the black.

Must have.

Whether you’re performing tricks or just collecting, you need these. There’s a reason they have been popular for so long. These are a staple for card enthusiast.

Cody Bates
Not sure if this is normal

I ended up buying 2 decks at 2 separate times, just read and i'll explain. I ordered the first deck after reading and looking over these cards very carefully, I patiently waited for them to arrive and I was out of town for the weekend when they were delivered and to my disappointment they were not anywhere withing sight when I arrived home on Monday. After another week, I ordered another pack and when they arrived, I realized the first package was tossed in the bushes next to the front door. In all, I love the cards, but don't love the delivery method.
P.S. I still have both decks still and regularly use them

The One that started it all

I believe that the Black Tigers are the flagship cards of Ellusionist (unless I'm mistaken). The details are superb for both the tuck case and the cards themselves. The cards do include double backer and duplicate jokers (unlike the others in the series that have card reveals on the jokers). The back design is like an inverse of the other designs. The negative space is now colored white (within the borders of the cards) and the details are black. This contrast is the most flashy of the 3 legacy cards. I can see why this deck of cards (as well as the Black Legacy Series) is so popular!


I love this deck. It has a tremendous USPCC feel. I really like the Tiger design on the tuck box. Great deck.

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