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Black Roses White Gold Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD
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Black Roses White Gold Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD

Black Roses White Gold Playing Cards

The limited edition Black Roses White Gold Playing Cards was born during the Kickstarter campaign for the Red Roses Playing Cards. At 10,000€ Daniel would print another deck on top. He didn't really envision that he would hit that goal, but at the end he reached twice as much with his campaign. 

A few aspects make these cards even more special than all the previous Black Roses editions. 

Starting with the metallic ink. On the tuck box, on the backs and on the faces, you'll notice shiny gold metallic ink that pops into your eye. Also the standard red color in this deck has been replaced with metallic red ink, making this deck even more outstanding. The blue color has been completely removed from the court cards. 

The deck is limited to 1000 decks, and 888 decks come with a numbered seal sticker. It's the first deck in the Black Roses series with a seal sticker. Due to the internal inspection procedures at USPCC, numbered closure seals will always have some numbers missing in the final finished decks - ironically, this makes the unsealed decks even more unique! 

Since this deck is something really special, Daniel only put close family members onto the court cards in this deck, leaving all the other faces standard. 

Of course - like every other Black Roses deck - the limited edition comes with classic crushed paper stock which makes the card super thin and nice to handle. Its traditional cut makes the cards perfect for your Faro Shuffles. 

You also receive a blank face card and a special gaff card on top, where you are able to magically move the rose in the middle of the back design to the corner of the card.

2018 Release

Please note: These decks do not have the numbered seal.

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