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Black Lions Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD
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Black Lions Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD

Designed by David Blaine, the Black Lions deck boasts a soft-touch tuck case. The design of the tuck case features a two-tone black finish, silver foil stamping, and embossed elements.

Each deck comes with new hidden features especially designed for magic performances. The back design of the cards features David Blaine’s logo. Some of the court cards have been re-designed to represent famous magicians. The deck includes two intriguing custom Jokers that hide a reveal and two additional cards whose mystery you will have to discover yourselves.

Main features

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Custom casino-quality stock
  • Traditional cut
  • Tamariz stack
  • Custom seal

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ingenious Marking System

Hands down, one of the most clever marking systems I've encountered. Mind you, I have tons of marked cards. This one passes the riffle test just because the marking system is very subtle, yet obvious if you know what to look for. I do admit that it's a little tricky, and I'd have to make sure I practice and completely understand this system before using it for magic. Chris Ramsay has the best tutorial for this deck in my opinion. Look it up! Other than that, the cards handle fantastically and like you'd expect from USPCC. David Blaine does it again!

Five Stars

Very good. I like!

John Smith
Four Stars

Awesome deck, and my first DB's deck!

Magic Cards

Gave this and two other magic card sets to my son and he really enjoyed them. He loves to play card tricks and amaze everyone. We just cannot figure out how he does it. But this was a great gift for him.

Secret system. Plus awesome deck feel.

Took a couple hours to get the system down. But once learned, you can perform miracles. Love db decks. Still best cards for my personal style.

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