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Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards - Casino Quality

$5.99 USD
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Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards - Casino Quality

$5.99 USD

'Bee' Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards

Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards - Casino Quality since 1892

Experience the Time-Honored Tradition of Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards

Step into the world of professional card play with our Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards. If you like the feel of the cards used by casinos for generations, these are the cards for you!

Key Features:

- Jumbo Index for Easy Reading: Perfect for quick glances during intense games, and great for children learning card suits and numbers.

- Casino Standard: Adopted as the standard in casinos by the 1960s, these cards are favored for their stock and finish, a choice of gambling experts.

- Historical Significance: Part of a rich legacy with over two-dozen back designs produced since the late 1800s, making them a collector's item as well as a practical deck for players.

- Classic Bee® Design: Featuring the iconic diamond back design that has been a hallmark of quality for over a century.

- Durable and Long-Lasting: Made with premium materials, these cards are more durable than average paper cards, maintaining shape and usability for extended play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Cards

These cards are amazing I hope they never get discontinued.

Shannon Horst
Great all around deck

This is a great all around deck. Nothing fancy, just plain ole quality and durability. This deck is hard to beat for that spur of the moment card game or trick. They boast nice color and great handling.

Bee Sure

Bee Jumbo Index Red Playing Cards are fantastic for all types of uses including playing card games, magic tricks, or anything else you may want to do with playing cards. Great color and handle beautifully.

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