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Banksy Playing Cards by Piatnik - A Deck of Revolutionary Art

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Banksy Playing Cards by Piatnik - A Deck of Revolutionary Art

$7.99 USD

Banksy Playing Cards

Immerse yourself in the provocative world of Banksy, the enigmatic street artist whose works have stirred the global art scene. Piatnik presents a playing card set featuring some of Banksy's most impactful artworks. This deck includes iconic pieces such as:

- Rage, the Flower Thrower: A symbol of peaceful protest.

- There is Always Hope (aka. Girl With Balloon): An emblem of hope and innocence.

- Hammer Boy: Reflecting childlike imagination and reality.

- Laugh Now: A statement on societal evolution.

- Mona Lisa Showing Her Backside: Banksy's twist on classical art.

Owning this deck is akin to holding a piece of modern history, as Banksy's art has reshaped perceptions of street art.

Premium Quality: Crafted by Piatnik in Vienna, a company celebrated since 1824 for their exceptional playing cards. This Banksy edition is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Customer Reviews

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Love the art!

Rob C.
Decent deck, but nothing special beyond the art

The finish makes the cards feel a little cheap and stick together more than usual, but the card stock is thick and holds up fine to repeated shuffling. There is a good variety of pieces, but unfortunately a few are cropped in a way that cuts off part of the art. Overall a decent deck, but probably better for casual use rather than cardistry or magic.

Terry McGhee
Collector Cards

This is a really cool collector deck. I don't know that it would really worth using for playing or cardistry so much but still nice. Every card has different artwork and while it is listed as "Unofficial" I have my doubts about that as there is a small Banksy art piece next to the ad copy that speaks about how it is an unofficial deck and in that artwork is a rat holding a sign that says, "You lie". Soo, who knows?

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