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B-Roll Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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B-Roll Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

B-Roll Playing Cards

Lights... Camera... Action! 

Behind every performance captured on film, there is the backstory, the alternate footage... the B-Roll. 
The countless hours practicing, performing and refinement of your show. B-Roll Playing Cards is a tribute to that secret side of us all. 

The alternate story. The creativity. The work. 

A portion of the narrative on the cutting room floor. Nevertheless, everyone is enthralled as your fingers skillfully create smiles on your audience's faces. 
The film strip from the camera wraps around the outside of the 2-way back design. 

Uncover this completely customized deck including the faces, pips and court cards -- all specially designed for the B-Roll Playing Cards. 

Includes 2 gaff cards. 

Designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam 

Printed by US Playing Card Company

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Terry Quan Chi Dung
Im a fan

i tend to have a few theme of playing cards, and movie / cinegraphic is one of them. Its great

Surprisingly Awesome Deck

Tuck Case - 3/5
Tuck case is pretty standard. Back of the card represented with the title. There are little details on the tuck and flaps that add a nice touch. But not luxurious by any means.

Card Design - 4/5
This deck features nice custom pips, with a bit of a bubbly 3D feel. The face cards are re-imaginings of the classic faces and really matches the style of the pips. I wish the face cards incorporated the theme a little more. Maybe have the Kings holding a director's megaphone or something like that. Back design is two-way, nice border, and fits the theme well.

Handling - 4/5
Great handling deck. No problems shuffle and riffling. Feel nice in the hand.

Game Play - 5/5
Perfect for game play. 100% recognizable faces, and pips. But still a conversation starter at the game table. Nothing at all gets in the way of using these for poker night.

Overall - 4.5/5
I really love this deck. Only a few very minor things I might have changed. Near perfect, which was a surprise because it doesn't seem like anything too special when you see it online, but I it's a definite buy.

Enjoy This Deck

This deck has a simple yet elegant design. I like how it plays tribute to the camera and film. Has a great feel in the hands. The court cards are a bit quirky but as to be expected with a camera/theatre type deck.

EndersGame Reviewer
For your alter ego

The design on the tuck box of the B-Roll deck reminds me of one of my favourite decks, the DKNG Blue Wheel deck. But this deck is a homage to cinematography, and the card backs have a design that actually features a camera. Cleverly wrapped around the edges of the card is a film strip from the camera.

The artwork all points to the theme of the deck: footage from the B-Roll. It is intended to picture an alternate story, which becomes especially obvious once we take a look at the playful court cards. These have a very familiar look about them, and yet the traditional artwork has been altered enough to give them a different look - a deliberate alter ego of the original. It has a light-hearted feel about it all, while also offering a lot of charm and appeal.

There's full customization with all the other details too, including the pips, and the fonts used for the indices. I really like this one!

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