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Axe Playing Cards 2 Deck Set TPCC

$69.99 USD
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Axe Playing Cards 2 Deck Set TPCC

$69.99 USD

Axe Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

Since the dawn of time, the great Goddess of agriculture, harvest, health, and fertility has wielded her scythe to bring prosperity to humanity. A deeper meaning awaits to be discovered as you open the box and look through the axes found in the design. Each Edition (Classic and Deluxe) is Limited to 3999 Decks.

The Deluxe Edition features:

  • The tuck case is infused with 3 different hot foils: Copper, Black, and White on a premium matte finish paper 
  • Beautifully designed on casino quality card stock with metallic ink
  • A foiled number label found on the back of the Ad Card 
  • Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Hot Stamping, and Hand Assembly
  • Self-Locking System consisting of a magnetic opening and closing system
  • Each Box consists of 15 pieces of uncut sheets that require 20 minutes to assemble

The Classic Edition features:

  • A custom foiled numbered seal on each deck
  • Upgraded tuck case produced on a luxurious, premium matte paper 
  • Tuck case that implements 3 elegant hot foils imported from Germany: Copper, Black, and Silver
  • Design is crafted with white border, casino quality card stock 
  • Cards are manufactured with stunning Metallic Ink integrated on the faces

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