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Autobike No. 1 Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD
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Autobike No. 1 Bicycle Playing Cards

Autobike No. 1 Bicycle Playing Cards

Available as a 2 deck set and individually

An American original, the Bicycle brand celebrates over 130 years of playing card history with the reproduction of an early card back design called autobike no. 1 printed from 1902 to 1906.

2018 Release.

Customer Reviews

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Oldschool Bicycles!

Great quality and easy to handle. The red seems a bit more dull than other Bicycle decks, which is an aspect I don't really care for, but the vintage look and design, as well as the nice price for two decks make up for that in my opinion.

DB Hall
Classic Retro Look

What a great value! Two decks for under $9. What I like most is the retro look to these decks of cards. The detail is nothing less than amazing. It is reminiscent of the printing quality of that seen by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving of yesteryear when our postage stamps were printed using engraving plates, providing the most incredible detail, versus the cheap looking stamps of today. When you hold these cards, you feel like you are holding a piece of history, the detail is that exquisite. Buy two and save one set for your collection if you are a collector.

Jackson M.
Great Decks!

These are great, especially for the price. If you like vintage-themed stuff, these are great decks for you.

five thumbs up

I simply love vintage designs on the front and back of card decks and this one is a true contender in all regards. Great look, feel and handling. Happy to have this set in my collection.

Robert Smith
Great old school look

Old school look new school feel. Nuff said

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