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Aurora v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

$6.99 USD
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Aurora v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

$6.99 USD

Aurora v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

Aurora is dawn in Latin, that's where this idea came from. The gold color (courts) representing sunrise and the silver (numbers) representing sunset (nightfall). The center of the back of the card is the sun.

Feast your eyes on the Aurora Deck created with a gold foil embossed tuck case and each card printed with metallic inks. The Aurora Deck is a great display piece for any card collection. Art work by Johnny Whaam and printed by USPCC.

All court cards are fitted in gold, while the numbered cards are fitted in silver. This combination gives this deck a unique appeal that no other deck has ever done.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle branded
  • Embossed tuck case with gold foils
  • Metallic inks on card faces
  • Air-cushion finish
  • 100% hand drawn artwork and custom pips

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    John Foley
    Aurora V2 Playing Cards

    Not one of Bicycle's best designs.
    Overall very disappointed.

    Mr. Opps
    Wish I Liked Them Better

    There's a lot to potentially like about this deck, including the intricate back and flashy tuck-box. If you're the sort of collector that will let these live on a shelf, then they're great for that. The concept behind the gold/silver borders is cool too, even if the implementation is problematic.

    The borders and indices are distracting and detract heavily from the rest of the deck. They handle as you would expect USPCC bike stock to, but they are very hard to play with because of the color scheme. I don't imagine they'd be all that great for most tricks either, since the gold/silver theme makes a lot of sleights both more difficult and more visually striking. Maybe skilled cardists could do something cool with these, but there are better options for that too.

    Definitely a deck for Bicycle completionists and tuck-box admirers, but not really for me.

    Renee Lubert
    I like the theme and the color scheme, but...

    The borders on the face of the cards obscures the index and in dim light you can't really see them at all. But the courts look nice, and the pips look nice.

    The Good, The Bad, The Aurora playing cards

    In my opinion this is a bad deck for playing with, it could be better as a collector item. From a few feet away, you can't even read the cards number or suit unless you get closer (especially with red), which is (in my opinion) bad, also the border doesn't go well with the box. However, it still function good and feels good, but I'd have something I could read and know for a fact what it was and not have to take a double take to figure out a card.

    Overall, it feels good, and handles okay, but isn't good for games. In my opinion it is one of the worst Bicycle decks to have come out...



    I’ve been debating about whether or not to write this review for a while now.
    This CPC Bicycle Deck is the top contender for the “Worst $8 Spent In 2018”.
    The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with the cards. There just happens to be not much right about them, either.
    This is a “Tuck Case Only” buy.
    The box is gorgeous.
    The cards are lackluster.
    Just keep them sealed, and it’s still another deck in the collection.
    Good enough to fill a spot in a shoebox.

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