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Atlantis Gilded Playing Cards 2 Deck Set USPCC

$149.99 USD
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Atlantis Gilded Playing Cards 2 Deck Set USPCC

$149.99 USD

Atlantis Gilded Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

Once upon a time, there was a marvelous city in which lived a wise, advanced civilization that was rumored to have descended from the gods. Their knowledge and technological progress had no match in the whole world. With its incomparable architecture, lush nature, and wealth, the city was a bright beacon shining its light forward while the rest of the world watched in envy. However, Atlantians were not all kind, and soon, pride, greed, and envy took over their hearts. Soon, the entire city was filled with wrath, which brought upon them the anger from the gods. They decided to punish this rotten city and sentenced it to immediate demise. The city of Atlantis sunk deep underwater and its mysteries, never to be found again.

The legend of Atlantis has mystified many people, starting from Greek philosophers to conspiracy theorists nowadays. Our designer Pedro Oyarbride was no different and decided to pay tribute to this magnificent legend by creating a new deck in two versions. One of them, called the Rise Edition, shows Atlantis in its full bloom, shortly before its disappearance. The second one, Sink Edition, shows the city as we imagine it now, resting forever in the depths of the sea.

  • Presented in Two Editions: Atlantis Rise Edition & Atlantis Sink Edition
  • Limited to 300 / 250 Decks
  • Soft Touch Premium Paper on Atlantis Sink Tuck Case with Embossing
  • Premium Matte Finish paper on Atlantis Risk Tuck Case with Embossing
  • Featuring Green and Gold Hot Foil on the Atlantis Rise Tuck Case
  • Featuring Blue and Silver Hot Foil on the Atlantis Sink Tuck Case
  • Cards printed using Premium Pantone Metallic Silver & Gold ink on both sides
  • Printed by USPCC with Air Cushion Finish and Bee Casino Stock
  • 2021 Release

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