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Apothecary Playing Cards USPCC

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Apothecary Playing Cards USPCC

A May 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Available as a set or individually

Intricate Illustrations 


This deck of luxury playing cards bathes in the highlights of beautiful Apothecary-style design. It revels in the realm of true artisan craftsmanship. The cards embrace the engraving-style illustrations that capture your curiosity with hatching details that encourage a second and third look. 

Capturing Nature - Insights

Seeds bloom and trees peel into entrancing designs that are preserved into the cards. A story of thought hides behind each pack waiting to be discovered. Mesmerizing peels of bark and leaf are captured into the pack in gorgeous green glory. 

A Prescription to Ponder - Ponderings

Spring blooms with a blend of gorgeous details and elegant intricacies upon the featured Ace of Clubs. Swirling engravings across the back are highlighted with subtle reds and blues that give LIFE to the designs. Pestle and mortar lay across the Jokers as a nod to the master craftsmen of the Apothecaries. 

Holistic Materials 


Stunning hot-stamp foiling wraps the deck with a line of elegance. Sculpted emboss of the blooming designs of the pack are raised to highlight the premium, linen-textured stock. Paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks that are true for any great Apothecary.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

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dan turgelis
ponder these for the collection

very unique in every way, all pips indices , court cards , jokers 100% done with style. the tuck box is embossed and is a stand alone work of art , great handling and fans are pretty, a must have for every collector.

EndersGame Reviewer
Alex Chin's first two Apothecary decks

In these contemplative decks, Alex has continued his visually lush style that captures unique elements of the different seasons. Primavera represents Spring and Inverno represents Winter. They have all the luxuries we've come to expect from Seasons Playing Cards: embossed tuck cases, gold/silver foil stamps, and beautiful metallic gold/silver ink.

The Inverno Insights deck features a soft green and yellow, with silver accents. The borders are white, and match the white of the face cards. The court cards are absolutely exquisite, with a very nostalgic feel. I'm a huge fan of the stylish pips in this series, e.g. the Diamonds have a kite shaped design, and the points/curves make them look elegant/classy.

The Primavera Ponderings deck features a soft red and blue, with gold accents, and uses similar artwork to its companion, but with jet black cards. The use of ornate borders on the court cards also helps set this design apart from some of Alex's other creations.

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