Aphelion Luxury Playing Cards LPCC

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The Aphelion card deck was designed by a passionate team at Parama Playing Cards in Italy. The tuck case features a luxurious look and feel, from the gold foil to the embossing this deck is a true premium collectors deck.

Only 1,000 decks were printed, never to be printed again, get your hands on one before these sell-out forever.

The journey, this is the theme of Aphelion playing cards.

"Journey" as a word can assume many meanings, from moving from place to place to soul searching. When this ends it leaves a long trail of memories, and that is what we all live: experiences; and that is what we are: we are our experiences and their memory.
That is why this project was born right on the day of the farthest point of Earth revolution, a lost place in a long journey of which it will remain a memory of endless experiences.

  • Pantone metallic Gold colour on cards
  • Gold foil and embossing on the tuck case
  • 54 Poker size playing cards + 2 extra cards (double backer and gaff card)
2018 Release

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