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Anicca Metallic Blue Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

$13.99 USD
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Anicca Metallic Blue Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

$13.99 USD

An August 2018 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

All existence is impermanent. A nature marked by endless states of coming into being and passing away - a flux of arising and ceasing. The Anicca deck plays up this cycle of birth, growth, decay and demise with novel combinations of the familiar motifs of vitality and death; illustrating that they are all but parts of a whole.

Printed on Premium Aristocrat® stock with Magic Finish provides exceptional handling
Ultra-thin border
Printed using metallic ink
Custom Aces, Jokers, Court Cards, Pips & Index

Designed by German artist/illustrator Simon Prades (Babel deck designer)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Magic Mike

Not the biggest fan of the face and back design. The dark circle in the middle of the cards reminds me of the horror movie "The Ring" and would rather perform with cards kids don't get scared of.

Sickest I've Seen in a While

I bought the metallic blue and the silver deck at the same time; I'm glad I did! I cannot speak highly enough about this deck. The Ace of Spades is so sick, as are the jokers. The geometry of the back of the cards and subsequently the tuck give almost a spooky vibe. Really stellar for cardistry, illusions, home games (I'm a poker player) or just adding to your collection. Get them or miss out pretty hard!

Terry McGhee
6 Stars! I need to give these 6 stars!

This is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen in my life! It fits everything I could ever hope to see in the artistic side of a deck of cards. Dark yet hopeful. Beautiful yet heartbreaking. The metallic ink is utilized in a minimalist way that just adds depth and character to each card in the form of the pips. The artwork itself is hands done second to none. I may have even social media stalked the artist after I opened this deck just to make sure I wasn't missing out on any other decks he does.
Just buy two, open one, keep the other. These are sure to become highly sought after. I'm off to go buy the other Silver version.

Exploration Of Recreation
Beautiful, fun deck

the metallic ink on the back looks real nice in the sun and the pips are real awesome while still remaining sorta classic. the jokers are simple yet elegant and the aces are all big and beautiful instead of just the ace of spades. the deck handles decent. The court cards are not very memorable though and the back design has maybe 2 too many skulls. Anicca deals with more than death and the wilting flowers kinda cover that but it would of been nice if they didn't hyper focus on the skulls for the back if I were to nitpick. If skulls are your thing though you will love it.

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