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Angel Back Squeezers Playing Cards USPCC

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Angel Back Squeezers Playing Cards USPCC

Angel Back Squeezers Playing Cards

Available as a 2 deck set and individually

The CLASSIC Angel Back Squeezer deck was introduced in the late 1800s by New York Consolidated Card Co. and was a staple deck for decades. It was re-created by U.S. Playing Card artists, who reproduced the artwork using an original Angel Back.

Note especially the court cards. The detailing and color are superior in many ways to the current courts used for Bicycle and Bee decks. And there are subtle differences: the kings', queens' and jacks' faces are slightly larger than current cards, the numbers are slightly thinner, the suit signs are a tiny bit larger and the jack of diamonds has a mustache.

Also check out the very cool, original design jokers.

Please note: because of the coating used on these cards, they do not have a lot of "slip" and might not be suitable for cardistry. They are fine for other uses.

The deck also includes one blank-face card and one card with a brief history of the Angel Back. 

2010 Release

Customer Reviews

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Phil Dennis
Great decks to add to your Bag of Tricks

A while back I read "The Reversed Court Card" on page 18 in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks. It mentions (and triggered my memory) of a fact known to us old guys back in the day. Vintage bicycle spade court cards were one way faces. Contemporary Bicycles have altered the K's gem, changed the J's belt design, and blacked out the white spades in the Q's belt removing the one way faces. I immediately went searching for reissue decks that featured the old style court cards. I was unsuccessful for a while but then chanced upon these angel back Squeezers! These cards do have the vintage spade court cards -- take a look at the spade cards in the photos above!

I use this deck to perform "This Trick Goes Further" which ends with the spades on the table.Then when "This Trick Goes Further" was completed I segued into the four card turn effect using the KS through 10S that is already on the table. That makes it a seamless transition and does not make it necessary to cherry pick the spades from the deck.

I've performed the turned card trick with this deck for many younger magicians ... no one is aware of the method yet.

One more item of interest. The backs are also one way.

As the item description above says this deck's finish is not suitable for cardistry, but it is a great deck for impromptu magic.

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