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Amplified Cardistry Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD
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Amplified Cardistry Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD

Amplified Cardistry Bicycle Playing Cards

The Bicycle® Amplified deck will enhance the flow of a cardist's flourishes, fans, and spreads with its unique card back design.

The coordinating card faces are subtlety designed, allowing for a completely functional deck of stylish playing cards as well as a beautiful cardistry deck for any collection.

  • Featuring vibrantly colored Court cards, a custom Ace of Spades and unique card back design
  • Embossed dot pattern on the front and back of the tuck
  • Printed on classic Bicycle ® brand card stock
  • Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
  • Made in USA
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Only one gripe

This is a really nice deck of cards and makes even my clumsy cardistry skills look a bit better. I love how the pattern looks on the flourish, but it would have been even better if the card backs were border-less. Otherwise, it's a great looking deck. Plus it's Bicycle, so you know you have quality and durability.

Michael D.
Complementary Colors

The colors on these cards are awesome together! They make for great spreads and are beautiful for play or card magic.

Sariah Bird
Great Cards

I love the color combination of this design. The blues and orange go great together. I they also handle great.

Ray G
Love the colors.

Absolutely love this deck. The color combo just works nicely for this deck & makes it's way 2 the courts.

Thumbs up

Backs CAN be used as 1 way. If you like fanning routines the backs r busy in a good way. Circles of any kind make dazzling fans & ribbons. The orange and aqua blue look like the designer is a Miami dolphins fan. No foul.

Would like the same style back in other colors as well like the Chroma deck which I assumed is a sister deck to Amplified. Guys plz never stop making alternatively colored pips! Dark blues instead of black and light pastels for reds, like the orange pips in Amplified. Huge difference! Beautiful contrast. Next level. Thx.

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