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Alloy Copper Playing Cards EPCC

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Alloy Copper Playing Cards EPCC

Gamblers Warehouse brings forward another deck of playing cards designed by Blackout Brother with one of the best looking tucks & custom courts in playing cards industry. The cards are designed in a way to give them a metal appearance with prismatic effect. They would add a luxurious touch to any poker game as well as appeal to any playing cards collector. 

Beautifully designed iridescent stock tuck and card backs for the first time in the custom playing cards industry.

Main features:

  • Master finish on cards
  • Set of fifty-four custom playing cards
  • Foil using iridescent material on tuck
  • Foil on back of cards (iridescent material)
  • Tuck interior printing
  • Customized court cards
  • Custom pips and numbered cards
  • Two joker cards
  • Printed by Expert Playing Cards Company

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
EndersGame Reviewer
Perfect for people who like new and shiny things

Iridiscent foil tuck boxes and card backs with iridiscent foil! Iridescent means it shows changing colours from from different angles, like the rainbow effect you see in soap bubbles and on CDs. It looks terrific! I can't say enough about how amazing the iridescent effect on these cards is. Photos really can't do justice to it, and you need to see it to believe it. One issue with the court cards is that they have intricate borders, so the larger pips that are usually on court cards had to give way in favour of other artwork.The deck is also somewhat slippery, as a result of the significant amount of foil on the backs. The Cobalt edition is easily the most impressive, since it has the foil on the card faces as well. Visually stunning!

Kyle Marley
Absolutely beautiful

I absolutely love them.

Ken P.
Five Stars

Awesome cards. Top quality.

Andrew Bancroft
Great cards

Great deck of cards. Exactly what I was looking for.

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