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Ad Fontes Renaissance Regal Playing Cards LPCC

$26.99 USD
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Ad Fontes Renaissance Regal Playing Cards LPCC

$26.99 USD

Ad Fontes Renaissance Regal Playing Cards

Introducing Ad Fontes, Renaissance Playing cards, featuring hand-painted imagery by artist Ritu Bhattacharya.

Ad Fontes, meaning, "back to the source" in Latin, was a closely held belief for Martin Luther, among many others. Luther believed that old Greek sources were more important than the Pope's word, which led him to become the father of Lutheranism.

This project was planned with the idea to create a deck of cards to tell the story of the Renaissance. To add a layer of authenticity, these cards were drawn using prevalent artistic techniques from the era. Also, the old paper-like appearance harks back to earlier knowledge and doctrines.

Features of the Regal Edition tuck case:

  • Side opening book design
  • Intricately debossed and ornately foiled in gold and copper foil
  • CMYK printed with a soft touché finish.

Features of the cards:

  • 54 custom artistically hand-painted playing cards
  • Printed on premium casino grade card stock with linen finish
  • Custom pips and original artwork
  • Printed by Legends Playing Cards Co.
2023 Release

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