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Ace Fulton's Cowboy Denim Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD
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Ace Fulton's Cowboy Denim Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD

Ace Fulton's Cowboy Denim Playing Cards

The most sought after deck of playing cards in modern history.

In 2013 Brad Fulton had the idea to make a version of his legendary Ace FULTONS that resembled "Cowboy Denim." Growing up in the American West , Fulton was always inspired by the faded jeans of cowboys and the contrasting stitching seen on the seems and pockets.

Working with his partners Dan & Dave Buck, Brad Designed the ultimate Ace Fulton, complete with patterned inside tuck printing.

It's a long story but something went horribly wrong and this now famous deck was never released to the public and only a handful of the originals remain. Over the years the legend has grown and scarcity has reached an all time high.

This is the official Cowboy Denim, produced to the original standards envisioned almost eight years ago.

The box is printed on actual recycled denim. Gold foil stamping. Internal pattern foiling. A tuck for the ages.

For the first time in years the original Ace Fulton custom face and court cards return along with Lady Luck and the color stroked iconic Ace Fulton Spade. Complete with the original Ace Small Indices known and loved by cheats everywhere.

No detail has been left behind. This is the ultimate Ace Fulton and just in time to kick off it's TENTH ANNIVERSARY.

Cards printed by US Playing Card Co on Cambric thin stock developed by Dan & Dave Buck for the Hollingworth Project.

Tuck printed on recycled denim by Clove St Press in San Diego, CA.

2022 Release

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